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A wound is a break in the skin or tissues that may be caused by an accident, injury, surgery, disease or several other factors, and often involves bleeding, redness, swelling, pain, tenderness and other symptoms. They may occur nearly anywhere on the body. While many wounds can be treated at home by simply cleaning and bandaging the wound, more severe wounds may require professional care.

Many patients with skin ulcers, burns and other types of wounds face difficulty with the healing process for these troubling wounds, especially if the patient is diabetic. There are several different treatment options available for wounds resistant to conventional therapies. Some of these may include creams, ointments, synthetic skin grafts and other therapies that promote natural healing within the skin to avoid wound complications.

Hulen Wound Care is proud to offer patients many advanced solutions to their wound healing problems. It is important for wounds to remain clean and free of debris and bacteria in order to properly heal and prevent infection, so proper dressings that are changed on a regular basis are essential. We provide a clean, moist environment that is conducive to healing for most wounds and helps lead toward a quick and efficient recovery, while keeping cosmetic concerns in mind as well.

Hulen Wound Care will determine which type of wound care is best for you after an initial evaluation of your wound size, location and severity.

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